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Why You Need a Car Fire Extinguisher

Car fires are terrifying. They can spread quickly and ignite flamable materials in your vehicle. Try Spray-Safe, part of Firescape’s home fire extinguisher kit.

August 11, 2020 | Safety

Four Types of Fire Extinguishers

Not every blaze is the same. You need the right fire extinguishers to put out the flames depending on the source of the fire.

14th February 2020 | Blog

Home Fire Safety Guide

Home fire safety should always include a home fire extinguisher to douse small fires before they can spread.

30th June 2020 | Safety

How To Extinguish Different Fire Types

There are a variety of fire types, which determines what fire class a blaze is categorised. What most people… More

27th January 2020 | Blog

What is the Purpose of a Fire Door?

If you’ve ever wondered what the purpose of a fire door is, you’re in the right place. We explain… More

16th January 2020 | Blog

Fire Evacuation in the Workplace

If you work in a city office building or a remote industrial estate, your employer has probably trained you… More

7th January 2020 | Blog

How to Put Out a Gas Fire

Gas is one of the most destructive and difficult blazes there is. Knowing what to do if one breaks… More

1st January 2020 | Blog

Fire Triangle

You might not have heard of the Fire Triangle since your primary school days, but it’s a vital part… More

23rd December 2019 | Blog

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