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Home Fire Safety- The Go-To Guide from Firescape

Your home should be peaceful and relaxing, but there are risks of fire. Be prepared for what to do… More

June 30, 2020 | Blog

Four Main Types of Fire Extinguishers

Different fires require special extinguishers. A fire extinguisher can be one of the best tools when dealing with a… More

14th February 2020 | Blog

How To Extinguish Different Fire Types

There are a variety of fire types, which determines what fire class a blaze is categorised. What most people… More

27th January 2020 | Blog

What is the Purpose of a Fire Door?

If you’ve ever wondered what the purpose of a fire door is, you’re in the right place. Our blog… More

16th January 2020 | Blog

Fire Evacuation in the Workplace

If you work in a city office building or a remote industrial estate, your employer has probably trained you… More

7th January 2020 | Blog

How to Put Out a Gas Fire

Our guide on how to put out a gas fire addresses one of the most destructive and difficult blazes… More

1st January 2020 | Blog

Fire Triangle

You might not have heard of the Fire Triangle since your primary school days, but it’s a vital part… More

23rd December 2019 | Blog

How to Put Out an Electrical Fire

Home fires can be caused by a variety of things, from loose cigarette ends to chip pan grease. Among… More

17th December 2019 | Blog

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