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Fire Safety in the Home

Your home should be a place of safety, peace, and relaxation, but this can only be the case if… More

December 4, 2019 | Blog

Can You Use Salt to Put Out a Grease Fire?

Sometimes, half-truths get passed around so much they end up becoming fact, such as consuming carrots granting night-vision, or… More

26th November 2019 | Blog

House Fires – How To Prevent Them

There have been several infamous dwelling fires over the past couple of years, the tragic aftermath of the Grenfell… More

22nd November 2019 | Blog

Christmas Tree Fires

The festive season is perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones, but it is also a period… More

13th November 2019 | Blog

How to Put Out a Chip Pan Fire

In terms of household fires, those igniting from a chip pan are among the most common. In fact, they… More

6th November 2019 | Blog

How to Put Out a Chimney Fire

Any dwelling fire can be disastrous, but chimney fires can be a different beast altogether. They are extremely difficult… More

31st October 2019 | Blog

Top Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks provide some of the greatest spectacles your likely to see. Families across the country are united as they… More

22nd October 2019 | Blog

Bonfire Safety Guide

Bonfire night is one of the most anticipated events of the year, it essentially marks the start of the… More

17th October 2019 | Blog

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