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How to Put Out a Chip Pan Fire

In terms of household fires, those igniting from a chip pan are among the most common. In fact, they make up around a fifth of accidental dwelling fires, with up to 20 people injured, or even killed, daily. Their commonness is only matched by the potential devastation they can cause, so understanding what causes them and how to cope in the event one brakes out is a vital part of fire safety. For that reason, Firescape has compiled this guide on how to prevent, and how to put out, a chip pan fire.

Causes and Prevention

These incidents are overwhelmingly caused by deep fat frying, as the nature of the process contains several hazards. The volume of oil is one of them, so it’s important to remember not to fill up your pan past a third of its capacity and never leave it unattended, even for a moment. Fires can ignite at any time, and an unsupervised deep fat fryer is just asking for trouble. If you’re looking to upgrade your cookware a bit, purchase a thermostatically regulated electric deep fat fryer. It’s a much safer option than your average chip pan and offers a greater degree of control.

If you detect any smoke, this means the temperature of the oil is too high and you should turn the heat off before it catches fire. Additionally, ensure anything you put in is completely dried as, if it’s wet, the oil could spit. Finally, and this should be obvious, never attempt to use a chip pan if you are under the influence, as you need to be in total control when frying. The value of common sense cannot be overstated. You’re handling a volatile and extremely hot substance, so you can’t afford to make any slip-ups.

What to Do

If these steps haven’t worked, and your chip pan does catch fire, the first thing to do is call the emergency services. No matter how confident you are in dealing with it, you need to let them know asap if an incident should occur. Don’t take any unnecessary risks either, have a clear escape route in mind and stick to it. Don’t move the pan if it’s aflame but, if you can, turn off the heat. If you’re thinking about dousing it in water, DON’T! This could cause a huge fireball, which could prove disastrous. In terms of tackling the fire yourself, your options are limited unless you have a specialised firefighting solution.

Try Out Pan-Safe

So, as you can see from the above information, putting out chip pan fires is no easy task. Whilst you should always contact the emergency services, there is a way to combat these incidents safely and efficiently. Introducing Pan-Safe, a fast-acting, easy to use extinguishing solution, designed specifically for chip pan fires. Weighing only 2,013 grams and containing just 120ml of liquid, it is one of the smallest products on the market and easily fits in most kitchen drawers. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, so there are no mechanical parts or risk of malfunction. All you have to do is turn off the heat source, carefully place the sachet into the burning pan at arm’s length and wait for Pan-Safe to do its job. What’s more, it is one of the eco-friendliest options out there, leaving behind no toxic residue. What little waste is left behind can be cleaned up in a pinch. If you’re interested in trying the hottest fire safety product available, head on over to our homepage for more information, or check out the Firescape YouTube channel for video demonstrations.

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