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How to Put Out a Gas Fire

Gas fires are some of the most destructive and difficult to extinguish blazes out there, and knowing what to do if one breaks out could be invaluable knowledge. The necessary steps differ depending on whether the ignition originated from natural gas in the air, or a gas cooker or other gas appliance, but whatever the case, you need to act quickly and effectively, or it could spell trouble for you and your loved ones. If you’re worried about the potential damage such an incident could cause, then don’t worry, as Firescape is on hand to help, with our guide on how to put out a gas fire.

Preventing Gas Fires

One of the biggest causes of gas fires is external containers being damaged, which causes the contents to leak out before eventually igniting. If you have any form of combustible gas or liquid in the house, they must be stored properly in a safe place away from any potential structural hazards. Make sure any possible fuel is stored well away from heat sources too, as it only takes a second of contact to prompt an ignition. External hazards are the main thing to look out for when it comes to preventing gas fires, as the only other cause of one is a gas leak. When it comes to preventing these, it’s a lot more difficult as they’re entirely dependent on the condition of the structure and other elements that are probably outside of your control. Our advice would be to make sure everything is properly maintained and that regular checks are carried out to ensure this is the case.

How to Extinguish

The first thing to do is see if you can safely reach the source of the gas, as the easiest way to end a gas fire is to cut off the supply. It’s the basic fire triangle. If it is controlled by a valve, ensure it is turned fully so that no more gas escapes. However, if there is fire blocking the path or you feel it may come into contact, do not attempt to turn it off. Even if you manage to shut off valve or meter, if there is a leak, it might not be enough to stop the fire. Cutting off the oxygen supply is the best way to get rid of the fire quickly. We cannot stress this next point enough; NEVER USE WATER TO DOUSE A GAS FIRE . The reasoning behind this is that the liquid is more likely to spread whatever substance caused the fire in the first place, thus spreading the fire in the process.

Whether you’re at home or work, you should evacuate the premises as soon as you are able, as gas leaks carry the risk of an explosion. If there is a small fire that is limited to a compact space, you may be able to contact whoever manages the utilities and get them to turn the gas off. However, even if there isn’t a fire, when you’ve detected a gas leak, you need to contact the fire service as it could light up at any point. The other side of this is that they are trained to identify any possible issues with the building and also ensure that no gas travelled to neighbouring structures.

Firescape can Help

Gas fires are notoriously difficult to contend with and one of the greatest tools at your disposal in tackling them is having a sound knowledge of fire safety. However, if you want to supplement that know-how with a fast-acting, effective method of extinguishing, then Firescape might have the solution. Introducing Spray-Safe, the innovative way of dousing blazes in seconds. It’s an aerosol extinguisher that can be taken anywhere and weighs little more than a bottle of fizzy drink with just 335ml of liquid in each container. It can be stored easily in your kitchen draws or cupboards as well as your glove compartment. On top of all this, it also uses the Firescape formula, which is the eco-friendliest option out there, so you don’t have to worry about poisoning the surrounding area. There is no toxic material left and virtually nothing to clean up either, which means less time spent tidying up for you! All our products have been independently tested by experts of the industry and are also approved by the London Fire Service. If you want to try the next step in home fire safety extinguisher technology, head on over to our site for video demonstrations and more.


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