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Home-Safe by Firescape is the complete package when it comes to fire safety, providing two fast-acting, innovative extinguishing solutions.


Pan-Safe, a quick and easy way to tackle dangerous pan fires in second. All you have to do is stand at arm’s length from the burning pan and place the Pan-Safe in. The formula inside will then extinguish the blaze rapidly. You don’t even have to cut it open beforehand.
Fires caused by burning cooking oils are amongst the most difficult to contend with and using the wrong extinguisher can make the blaze even worse. Pan-Safe works by reacting to the oil, creating a soapy substance, thereby cooling the temperature to below the igniting point. With a fifth of all accidental dwelling fires being caused by chip pan fires, it could be the thing that keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Then we have Spray-Safe, an aerosol extinguisher designed to be extremely effective on virtually any small fire. Just like Pan-Safe, it is lightweight and highly portable, fitting in most draws, cabinets, and even your glove box! Unlike most conventional aerosol solutions, Spray-Safe works on all fire classifications and can be used from any angle, without hindering its effectiveness.

It can even be used on electrical equipment or installations of up to 1000v, from a distance of one metre, having passed a Di-Electric test to 35KVa. In our increasingly technologically dependant world, the risk of faulty devices or appliances igniting has never been higher, so having the right tool to tackle such situations is paramount. Please ensure you never use Spray-Safe on an electrical distribution or fuse board.

Why Use Spray-Safe and Pan-Safe?

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Tackles fires in seconds
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Convenient shape and size for easy storage