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Pan-Safe Fire Extinguisher

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Pan-Safe by Firescape is the must have safety product for every home. It offers a rapid way of extinguishing dangerous pan fires, within seconds.


Pan Fire Extinguisher

Put Out Pan Fires Fast with Pan-Safe

Cooking equipment is the number one cause of fires in the home, and pan or chip grease fires are top of the list. That’s why it’s useful to have a kitchen fire extinguisher like Pan-Safe in your home.

However, traditional fire extinguishers can be bulky, difficult to use, and highly toxic.

Add to that the fact that cooking oil fires are among the hardest to extinguish safely and actually become more dangerous when water is thrown on it – you have a real problem.
Pan-Safe by Firescape could be your ideal solution.

Weighing only 203g and containing 120ml of liquid, Pan-Safe is the fast, efficient and easy to use way to protect your home and loved ones.

The Danger of Pan Fires

Domestic fires can be devastating and the damage they leave behind may be irreparable.

Pan fires, in particular, are an issue that is rarely considered by the wider public, yet they happen every day.

According to UK Fire and Rescue services, nearly 20 people are killed or injured every day in pan fire incidents that start in the kitchen. The most common cause is fat frying in pans.

In Buckinghamshire, for example, more than half of all accidental domestic fires started in the kitchen, with that number standing at 125 of the total 247.

Cooking oil or chip grease fires are among the hardest fires to extinguish safely. In fact, dealing with them incorrectly can lead to serious injuries or, even, death.

Families across the country are at risk of serious burns if they aren’t aware of the measures they should take in the event of a pan fire.

In 2019, a chip pan fire wrecked a home in Kent, causing a staggering £100,000 worth of damage and left the family homeless.

Figures from the London Fire Brigade state that there are 1,754 chip pan fires in the last five years, which caused more than 500 injuries, and three deaths.

Despite this, the technology we use to combat them hasn’t changed in years.

Most home fire extinguishers are clunky and hard to use. Even worse, they can even cause more trouble through the environmental damage that they leave behind.

That’s why we created Pan-Safe, a rapid, effective way to deal with pan fires in seconds.

Easy to use, light and portable, Pan-Safe home fire extinguishers combine the best fire safety equipment with a quick and simple delivery system.

When it comes to the safety of your home and loved ones, don’t compromise; choose Pan-Safe by Firescape UK.

Why Choose Pan-Safe?

Why is Pan-Safe the next step in home fire safety? There are many reasons:

Pan-Safe works better than conventional home fire equipment. The technology has been independently tested by an industry expert and based on technical specifications taken from these exercises:

• It is significantly eco-friendlier than most home fire extinguishers since less material is required, meaning less toxic residue from the fire.
• There are no mechanical parts, so there is far less risk of malfunction. Also,  there are no complex systems to figure out.
• Pan-Safe is lightweight and easy to use, weighing only 203 grams and containing 120ml of liquid. It even fits perfectly in kitchen drawers for use when a pan fire starts.
• When the fire is dealt with, there’s much less mess leftover. All you need to do is wipe the pan clean.
• Pan-Safe is also far more cost-effective than standard fire extinguishers.

Pan-Safe, like all Firescape products, is manufactured in the UK and Europe by experts trained to the highest standard.

As such, we are constantly developing and maintaining the quality and innovation of our products and are committed to improving traditional home fire extinguisher devices to aid firefighting, reduce damage to property and, ultimately, save lives.

How Does it Work?

Experiencing a pan fire is terrifying, so we developed our products to alleviate the stress associated with a kitchen fire.

The Pan-Safe kitchen fire extinguisher has been specifically designed to be as accessible and easy to use. In the event of a pan fire, you need to follow these steps while it is small and contained.

NEVER use water on a chip pan fire as this can cause a fireball.

  • Make sure you have a clear evacuation route
  • Do NOT move the pan, but turn off the heat source if safe to do so
  • Carefully place the Pan-Safe sachet into the pan
  • Ventilate and vacate the room
  • Clean up any general waste