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Douse Fires in Seconds, with Spray-Safe! Spray-Safe by Firescape UK is a small, hand-held spray capable of quickly dousing fires wherever you are, within seconds. It’s a 335ml lightweight aerosol created to deliver a more practical and convenient method of fighting fires. Perfect for tackling unforeseen fire situations wherever you are, Spray-Safe is ideal for keeping on hand whether you are at home, in the car or enjoying the great outdoors.


Domestic Fires

Besides pan fires, for which we recommend our patented Pan-Safe product, there are numerous causes of fire in and out of the home.

From faulty equipment to careless smoking, faulty wiring, the increase in highly flammable materials in the home, candles left unattended, old appliances, flammable liquids stored incorrectly, or even Christmas lights overheating, house fires are increasingly common.

According to Fire & Rescue Services, there are around 59,000 house fires per year in the UK, most of which are caused by electrical equipment misuse. Additionally, over 117,000 fires are being attended by the Fire and Rescue Services each year.

And it’s not just in the home, either. Cars, barbecues, campfires and garden lighting may all cause small fires.

Current home fire extinguishers are large and clunky, difficult to use, and contain harsh chemicals, making them inconvenient to use on small domestic fires.

We created Spray-Safe as an easy to use, easy to store item, capable of extinguishing unexpected fires with minimal mess. It’s fully portable so that it can be used anywhere. Cleverly designed for easy usage, for ease of use, the bottle is made of lightweight but durable plastic with drastically reduced risk of denting, rupture or rusting.

Why Choose Spray-Safe?

Why should you buy Spray-Safe? There are several reasons:

• It works! – Spray-Safe has been independently tested by an industry expert and based on technical specifications taken from fire safety exercises
• It is significantly eco-friendlier than most fire extinguishers. Because you need a lot less of the solution, there is less toxic residue from the fire
• All our products are approved by London Fire Brigade Enterprises
• There are no mechanical parts or complex systems, so there is no risk of malfunction
• Spray-Safe is lightweight and easy to use, weighing only 335ml
• You can store it easily in your home or your car
• When the fire is dealt with, there’s much less mess leftover
• Spray-Safe is also far more cost-effective than standard extinguishers

How Does it Work?

Being confronted with a fire, either in your home or elsewhere, is always going to be a stressful situation. However, Spray-Safe’s portable nature means that you can have peace of mind that, if a fire breaks out, you aren’t powerless to stop it spreading.

If a fire breaks out, follow these simple steps:

• First, dial 999 and request the Fire and Rescue services. You should never try to deal with a domestic fire without notifying emergency services
• Make sure you have a clear evacuation route
• Ensure you are clear from the source of the fire
• Remove the cap from the Spray-Safe bottle
• Shake the bottle firmly
• While keeping your arm out of range of the fire, douse the area with Spray-Safe
• Ensure the fire is fully extinguished and will not reignite
• Ventilate and vacate the room
• Clean up any general waste

Spray-Safe, like all Firescape products, is manufactured in the UK and Europe by experts trained to the highest standard. As such, we are constantly developing and maintaining the quality and innovation of our products and are committed to improving traditional fire safety devices to aid firefighting, reduce damage to property and, ultimately, save lives.